Region/Concept: Middle East, Movement
Sub-Concepts: Rhythm, Harshness, Inexorability
Description: Afghani blacksmith writes poetry within the forge (amidst fire, iron, smoke).

Theory: Fusion of poetics and steel. Inexorable rhythm of the master’s arm (striking, hammering). The blacksmith’s arena is based upon axioms of harshness, dominant motion, uncompromising devotion, and hardened corporeality. There is no ideology within the forge, only the craftsman’s rage and precision. Unanticipated, cyclonic den of pure movement and production. Quest for microcosmic perfection (the artisan as quasi-god)…jagged, meticulous, entrenched amidst extreme temperatures, ever-between states of solidity (the blade), liquidity (the melted metal), and aeriality (the dense smoke). The word must also resemble this process, each anti-lyrical stanza an emulation of the mercilessness of iron.


Posted by: Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh



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