Description: The Emergent World Thought archive aims to track the most provocative formations, ideas, events, artifacts, and intellectual-artistic trajectories arising across different geocultural territories of the contemporary world.

Intention: To construct and theorize an ever-expanding configuration of radical disturbances; to stage a multidimensional intersection of critical-creative fronts that lead to unforeseen principles; to seek alternative profiles of experience and subjectivity (intense becomings); to align incendiary, ominous, or vitalistic signs in circulation across the global horizon.

Methodology: The analytic gaze here will be fast-paced, episodic, and yet far-reaching. We will search out illuminating examples drawn from the more obscure recesses of the current era, each instance possessed of its own certain intricacy and strangeness, and reflect upon them through deliberately incomplete articulations (aphoristic glances or intimations of some aspect of intrigue). These cases will be arranged by region (Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Africa), by concept (violence, desire, time, space, movement, myth, the body), and by medium (text, image, sound, object, phenomenon).

Projection: To generate a complex, fractal vision of world thought against the backdrop of the reigning epoch; to locate the untimeliness and outsider potential of this same epoch through the prism of its most volatile sites of metamorphosis and transfiguration.


Submissions: Although the postings should follow the basic heading-framework enlisted in other samples (region/concept, sub-concepts, description, theory, link), they can be composed in whatever textual-theoretical style and with whatever approach the author favors. Once ready, submissions should then be sent to Jason Mohaghegh at jasonmohaghegh@gmail.com.

Facebook Site: http://www.facebook.com/emergentworldthought
Twitter: #RadicalOutside

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